Shree Guru Grunth Sahib and Spirituality 

In the world of mystical literature, Shree Guru Grunth Sahib holds an unparalleled position in human consciousness, in particular for Sikhs who revere it as a living spirit (Jaagti Jot) of their 10 spiritual Gurus (masters).  In the parlance of spiritual messages, it is the latest gift to the humanity as it is fewer than four hundred years old.  This anthology consists of the messages from the beyond including those of Hindu as well as Muslim mystics without any bias or preference.  It is the only scripture which is maintained in its original format as created by its authors.   This scripture was completed by the authors in their own life time rather than compiled by others after the author had left the planet Earth.  Its message, though universal, has not taken roots world wide for lack of propagation in its purest form.  Its vernacular language is spoken mostly in Northern parts of India.  So to spread the message, its proper translation in other languages is very critical.  There have been attempts at translating Shree Guru Grunth Sahib mostly in English and Punjabi but its essential message got lost because of the dependence upon anecdotal references.  There have been many attempts at translating Shree Guru Grunth Sahib from a "grammatical accuracy" perspective but there has been no attempt to decipher the message from a mystical or spiritual point of view.  These points of view, by no means, are at odds with each other; rather they are supplementary to each other as they build on each other to lead the human consciousness to its highest potential possible.  However for some unknown reasons, there has been no effort devoted to the spiritual message hidden behind the words.  This website is a humble attempt to bring out some of the mystical messages of Shree Guru Grunth Sahib.  It is, by no means, intended to be the final word on the subject.  Spiritual understanding is dependent upon one's own growth in the mystical domain.  Closer one is to the state of Brahma Gyan (enlightenment), clearer will be the understanding of the words initiated in that state of being.  The author of the content of this website has no such claim to the state of mind.  It is open for expansion and modifications.  All sincere efforts in this domain are welcome.  Current content is based upon the live recordings of lectures by Mr. Jaswant Singh from Southern California and follows the following belief system:   

  1. The entire content of Shree Guru Grunth Sahib is a message from the beyond (Dhur Ki Bani); no exception. It must be kept in mind that these messages were originally delivered through the vehicle of the physical body of those who had become one with ONE.  They had no ego and were in the pure state of Samadhi when this energy flowed through them.

  2. They documented it themselves when they returned to the state of Satori from Samadhi. (From 4th. Dimension to 3rd. dimension).  It was passed, in its original form, to the next Braham Gyani (Guru) after he achieved the state of pure Samadhi.  (Guru Nanak Dev Ji to Guru Angad Dev Ji to Guru Amardas Ji and so on.)

  3. Shree Guru Grunth Sahib honors the linguistic boundaries as well as takes liberty occasionally with it by using the prerogative of poetic expression.  Therefore, in the effort to blindly adhere to the grammatical laws will lead to the loss of spiritual message hidden behind the text. In such cases, spiritual message should be highlighted at the cost of grammatical purity.

  4. The basic objective of Shree Guru Grunth Sahib is to help the seeker transcend the cycle of life and death.

  5. Shree Guru Arjan Dev Ji (5th. Master) only arranged and compiled Shree Guru Grunth Sahib without any modification to the original text.

  6. Shree Guru Grunth Sahib explains the path, its highs and lows, using various poetical metaphors and similes.  If any portion appears to be relating to the physical dimension or historical in nature, it is {probably} due to the lack of deeper understanding of the observer {and / or seeker}.  The seeker is encouraged to meditate on the text {and reflect on the mystical nature of the message} to get to the spiritual message hidden behind the text.